How to Book Bulk Transportation With Ease At Trukkin

Bulk freight orders will not give you a tough time from now, only if you are making the right steps and know where to proceed for. I came up with my start-up in the Sharjah and was struggling to find a trustworthy freight rental provider that can take my business bulk orders. During my browsing session, I came across Trukkin and found it has been working on the transportation field for the last three years and has made a renowned name. From single, pick-up to bulk orders, everything can be handled with the team of  Trukkin. But before you make an order in bulk transportation, take the help of the below-mentioned methodology that helped me out.

trucking companies in DubaiThe home page of the Trukkin website has steps defined, however here are the same explained in detailed.

To make a load order in bulk, there are two methods within the website. 

  • First, write down all the booking details of the freight altogether like type, quantity, the time required, destination to travel, and so on. Now you can send an email to the respective official.
  • On the other hand, you can also prefer opting for the customer support number. The hotline numbers are open 24/7 for solving the customer’s queries and making bulk orders too.

Opt for a quote directly 

Don’t want to go through all such processes; then, go for asking the quote. It will readdress you to the fresh window. In this window, you will find a detailed form for –

  • Loading to the unloading point
  • Type of vehicle and packing
  • Date and time of transportation
  • Name of the customer and company
  • Email

Here you can take some time to fill the requirements. Along with this, there is a comment section, which is not compulsory to fill. But in case there are any specific requirements, then mention everything. It will give you the team a detailed idea. If you want to know which method I have tried, then I opted for all, but the easiest one is to opt for a quote.

Well, I will suggest you to try booking bulk transportation with Trukkin. It had been a great experience with the company. If you are still on the hunt of trucking companies in Dubai, then make Trukkin your choice. I have tried the services for bulk orders, and it helped with secure options.


7 Points To Check While Renting a Small Pickup Truck

Setting up a business that requires countless deliveries then you will unquestionably necessitate with a pick-up truck rental service. The speed of commercialization has given rise to many freight providers, and consequently, you must be extra conscious while booking pick-up truck rental in Dubai.

7 points to check while renting a small pickup truckHere are seven points that you must verify beforehand.

1. The transporting equipments –

Moving trucks require constant support of loading and unloading, especially for the pick-up vehicles. It is for a reason; transporting equipment is required to meet all kind of project need.

2. Estimated charges for renting the pick-up truck –

For how many days are you taking the pick-up trailer on rent and how many deliveries are there? Make a note of all these before you are finalizing the quote and then proceed with the next step.

3. The direction of loading –

Pick-up truck must have a defined route for both loading and unloading. It is advised to segregate the trucking direction. Keep the front area for loading and the exit door for unloading. This strategy works best for all the pick-up trucking system.

4. Estimated Size of the trailer –

When you are booking pick-up truck service, an instant run-down to the size structure is crucial. Even if you are looking for small trucks for the pick-up process, ensure validating the size as it might get smaller than the expectations.


5. The working status of the pick-up trailer –

Are the signals lights working or not, is there any problems with gear are some of the elements that must be verified while taking pick-up vehicles in hire.


6. Moving appliances –

A lot of travelling and delivery halts are intact in the process of pick-up trailers. It means renting such trucks in the absence of moving appliances will be a great loss. Plus, moving items will be suitable to handle goods of various sizes too.

7. Moving insurance –

Most of the customers ignore taking the insurance while renting these trucks, thinking; it is not useful. The pick-up trailers are involved in a large number of travel delivery locations, and therefore, the chances of damages are high if proper care is not taken. Don’t miss the truck insurance.

These seven tips will assist you n renting a pick-up trailer without any further trouble in the neighbourhood. With these ideas, you can simply book a 7-ton pickup for rent in Dubai, as well. Trukkin is a reputed name that will help you with ease of transportation.


Why Logistics is Fundamental to Supply Chain Success

For supply chain management, I think Logistics one of the essential component. It requires the time for proper planning, managing goods & services, and point to point information from start to end.

Logistics follows the intricate pattern of import and export operations, transportation according to traffic and mode of transportation, shipping and receiving, inventory management, warehousing, Product production planning, purchasing, and the last but one of the important customer service.

Fundamental to Supply Chain Success
For companies, logistics is a supply chain that needs to take care of every aspect. It is not less than a critical blueprint. It required proper coordination, monitoring, and management of resources as well as products to run a smooth chain. One has to design it in such a way that it runs smooth, reliable, timely, and cost-effective.

But the concern is how Logistics helps in the success of the supply chain? Then the answer is here. Have a look

Relation Of Logistics In Improvement Of Efficiency And Reduction In The Costs:

In the 21st century, the global economy moved according to technology and advancement. One of the important parts of the economy is logistics. For the logistic, supply chain management and satisfying customer demand are two critical criteria.

In the last two decades, product transfer, according to customer demand, has done by logistics management. With technology, the world becomes smaller and smaller, and demands become higher and more specific. To meet all such things and fit into the competition, companies think that they can reduce the cost and improve productivity. It can be easily achieved by managing the company as a whole and managing logistics on system theory. It ultimately boosts the performance of the company.

You might again have a question about how they can do it. See by creating a partnership with shipping service providers, suppliers, warehouses, and another connecting service provides can share the work. You can connect with them to the automated systems and the product reach to the customers with low overhead cost and fast delivery timing.

To know how the logistics system theory works, you have first to understand the strategic planning behind it. Not only this but calculation for the material obtaining and production time and the time to deliver that end product with the swift delivery system.

Simple communication between all departments and services, according to the blueprint, can reduce the cost with increasing visibility and transparency. It also improves the overall understanding of company needs. Companies can reduce the cost from the warehousing, and purchasing depends on various factors. It includes better inventory management, supply forecasts, reliable shipping, and timely delivery to the last person of the supply chain.

Fundamentals Of Transportation And Warehousing In Logistics:

You all know that the world is connected through the door of social media and the internet. The expectations of the customer raised, and all of them want faster delivery without any product damage.

Developing such fast and reliable logistics to meet and fulfill all these expectations requires to look for some other factors as well. Companies find the physical location of warehouses and software systems that can do their work within seconds and minutes instead of days.

The path of growth, success, and profitability of the business is passed through customer service satisfaction. Developing and using the best transportation system strengthens the company performance, reduce shipping costs, and guarantees the on tie delivery to the end-user.

All these system and process are an integral part of the solid logistics management system. With it, warehousing and transportation are also equally important for the best customer service.

Summary:  Logistics: The Right Way To Deliver The Right Product At The Right Time

Logistics and its supply chain management continuously changing their way of the supply to meet the consumer demands to the best level. When people order some electronic items like phone, or tablet, or laptop, then want their product in hand within 24-48 hours. To meet these requirements, companies have needs best coordination between all the departments. With less time, customers also look for cost-effectiveness, timely delivery, and reliability.

With the blueprint that outlines the logistic of the supply chain, the model stays focus, move quickly &efficiently and reduce the cost with higher customer satisfaction. Logistics are the one who helps companies to understand their key metrics, long-term goals, and core processes of their supply chain to reach at the right time & the right place with the right product.


Trukkin raises $3.5 million becoming the leading truck aggregator in the GCC

Trukkin raises $3.5 million becoming the leading truck aggregator in the GCC

Launched in 2017, Trukkin is a techno-logistics firm based in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates operating throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region and beyond.

Saudi Arabia/UAE: As “on demand” services expand into more industries and market places, Trukkin is leading the way in digital logistics solutions for long-haul trucking.  Launched in 2017, Trukkin is a techno-logistics firm based in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates operating throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region and beyond. The company works to innovate and simplify logistics and land transportation.

Trukkin has raised over $3.5 million in the recent funding round, which included marquee investors from the AL-Namlah Family Group, the Al-Madi Family Group, and the Abanumay Family Group. Batic Investments and Logistics, a publicly listed company on Tadawul, remains as one of the key investors in the start-up.

“Trukkin’s vision, operational efficiency, capital utilization, and sound business model drove us to partner with them in the region over other competitors. Trukkin knows the pulse on the ground.” said Mohamed Al-Namlah, Managing Director of Amnest Group By adding the new capital to the company, Trukkin will be able to significantly scale their services across the GCC region. The company has shipped to over 200 locations in the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia alone, Trukkin has completed over 10,000 long-haul, business-to-business truck movements. That is a significant accomplishment given that the country represents nearly 50% of the overall GCC market opportunity.

Investor Al-Madi explained that they had been following the sector for months and were impressed with what Trukkin has been able to achieve. “Their team is very focused on the ground and has shown their operational prowess. We believe we can further add significant capabilities to Trukkin with our investment,” Al-Madi said.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Janardan Dalmia explained how their model works. “Trukkin operates on an ‘asset-light’ model, meaning it doesn’t own the trucks. Our focus on overall service lets us improve both the customer and transporter experience and also increase asset utilization and reduce inefficiencies.”

Trukkin serves a wide range of customers. Through its app and online marketplace, the company brings together shippers who need more transparency and easier access to trucks with truckers who need better access to demand and higher fleet utilization. Their client base ranges from businesses who order close to 100 trucks a day to ones with smaller needs who order as few as three trucks a month.

Trukkin is fully aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030 plan to diversify the country’s infrastructure, with a specific focus on the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP). The NIDLP is working to make Saudi Arabia a “leading industrial powerhouse and a global logistics hub.”

CEO Dalmia says the company’s aggressive growth strategy fully supports the vision. “Trukkin is building up its marketplace to connect thousands of mostly independent truckers. The long-haul land transport market is highly fragmented and disorganized, and our aim is to institutionalize and professionalize this business,” Dalmia explained.

Trukkin is one of several startups gaining global recognition in the new industry. In 2018, a Wall Street Journal headline noted that China’s Truck Alliance, a truck hailing company, was on course for a $10 billion valuation. Blackbuck, India’s largest trucking platform, was named CNBC’s 2018 Startup of the Year reaching unicorn status in 2019.


About Trukkin
Since its founding in 2017, Trukkin has focused on using technology to reinvent and rebuild the logistics ecosystem. The company’s seamless, powerful products enable faster delivery, a consistent and reliable system, and a transparent platform for both truckers and shippers. Trukkin’s non-asset-based road network simplifies the entire process by extending flexibility, maximizing shippers’ ability to find a transporter, accelerating delivery, and reducing direct and indirect costs. For more information, please visit Read Press Release :


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How Technology Can Solve Logistical Challenges In The Middle East

Logistics and Transportation market in the Middle Eastern region is still operating in traditional ways. The market is very fragmented with lot of inefficiencies that exists currently.

Large customers/shippers who have regular transportation requirements are engaged with the fleet owners/transporters with long-term contracts.

On the other hand, Companies that don’t have steady transportation requirements struggle to find the right transporters to move their goods.

Fleet Owners are tied to servicing their long-term customers and don’t have a good view on other job requirements (other companies, new companies and ad-hoc requirements). Independent drivers either have multiple jobs on hand or none at any given point in time.

Their Jobs depend mostly on the network and contacts with intermediaries. Backhaul is another challenge that most transporters must deal with. Customers/shippers mostly have one-way requirements and it’s up to the transporter to find a shipment he can take on his way back from the original destination.

Customers and Fleet Owner are constantly on calls to trace shipments’ locations and are always anxiously waiting the delivery of their where the shipment is currently and when would it be picked up and delivered.

There are surely inefficiencies in the current processes which needs to be addressed.

With the advent of new technology like mobile apps, cloud computing, geo tracking, advanced data analytics and machine learning, these problems can be solved.

There are techno logistics companies like Trukkin emerging to solve these problems. Trukkin has come up with a cloud-based marketplace which addresses the above-mentioned challenges and brings in efficiency to the transportation processes.

Trukkin provides a platform for the customers/shippers to place their job request in a matter of seconds.

With superior operational expertise and that provides around-the-clock customer support, Trukkin works with the available supply in the market to fulfill customer requirements in the most cost-effective way.

This shipment requirement is sent out to all transporters (fleet owners, independent drivers), who provide their availability and quotes.

Customers then accept the offer that meets their price and quality expectations. A transporter is notified of the acceptance and he arrives at the loading point and starts the service, reaches the destination point and ends the service.

The customer/fleet owners can track their shipments real time from their mobile phones or desktop/laptop computers, without making anxious calls to know where the shipments are.

This is just a start, technology will enable the transportation industry like its done in other industries. IoT, Machine learning, AI technologies will further improve and simplify the transportation processes, as Trukkin plans to invest heavily in these technologies in the coming future.

Dilip Rajagopal, Head Of Products, Trukkin


Big Trucks and Cargo Movement in the GCC

The everchanging face of Market Place around the globe has revolutionized mode of business and living over the last few decades magnanimously. Transportation of cargo and the logistics landscape has also seen great advancement in how business is carried out on a day to day basis. Middle East has been no alien to these advancements and developments. The UAE being the hub of latest technologies in terms of governance, commerce and industry, has seen some real development in every sector. Players like Uber and Careem and the Roads and Transports Authority itself has laid foundations for the next generation enhancements in public transport sector. The discussions of Hyperloop on the cards is a testament to how far we have come. But there seems to be a serious lag in terms of Cargo Movement and Logistics landscape in the Middle East and GCC in general.
Achieving uberization in large trucks and vehicles is far from reality at this stage but it is only a matter of time before a large chunk of business is automated entirely. Businesses are striving to achieve and enhance efficiency by implementing smart technologies and business processes. Transportation of goods plays a considerable role in our lives in general and for manufacturers in specific. Achieving excellence in this sector is imperative and essential and every empty truck on the roads is a liability for the infrastructure and general efficiency of our logistics ecosystem.
With emerging players like TRUKKIN, a UAE based technology start up, the transportation sector in the Middle East will see digitalization and automation of the transportation process with the flexibility to operate in either a marketplace model or the traditional transporter mode with digitalization. With the aggregation of individual drivers and small transport companies, it will be easier to centralize the currently scattered traditional transporters. This aggregation is now leading to a better trucking experience for shippers since the transportation is digitalized and processes are automated. Shippers can now track their shipments in real time from their smart phones with apps like TRUKKIN. Real Time Tracking, SMS & email updates is creating an ease of access to the high values goods transported locally and cross border. Standardization of individual transporters with platforms like TRUKKIN is changing the shape of our transportation industry without and burden on these individual transporters. The reduction in costs, lead time and hassle-free shipments is creating ripples in the industry. The right evolution in this industry will lead to maximized automation in transportation of goods and documentation etc. of cargo movement across GCC.