Terms and Conditions

Trukkin Middle East FZ-LLC (“Trukkin”) is a company registered under laws of UAE and provides technology platform services (website located at www.trukkin.com) and the associated mobile application (“Mobile App”) to enable customers and carriers to get connected to fulfil transportation services. Trukkin is located at ACSS Building, Office 303, Dubai Outsource Zone, Dubai. Trukkin is a member of National Association of Freight and Logistics (NAFL, details about NAFL available at www.nafl.ae) and is bound by the Standards Trading Conditions (STC, available at www.nafl.ae) of NAFL. Customers and Carriers, who sign this Agreement are bound by the conditions laid out in STC to the extent applicable. The provisions in this Agreement are in addition to the conditions in STC.

Transport Technology Corporation For Communications & Information Technology Establishment is a company registered under the laws in KSA and is located at Medad Building, Office 215, East Ring Road, Exit 14-15, Riyadh (“TTCCITE”).

TTCCITE is desirous of using Trukkin’s technology platform and transportation services and Trukkin is willing to license/permit TTCITE to use Trukkin’s technology platform services and transportation services.

Trukkin and TTCCITE henceforth will be referred to as “Company”, “Us”, and “We”).

We provide a service (includes (a) technology platform hosted on the Site and/or Mobile App; and (b) transportation services and all or any other services provided therein or otherwise provided by Us, the “Service”) that connects transport service providers (hereinafter referred to as “Carriers”) to entities or persons (hereinafter referred to as “Customers”) who are willing to avail transportation services.

You fully understand and agree that the Service may be subject to additional guidelines, terms, or rules, including, but not limited to, the Carrier Accessorial Rates provided on the Service (collectively, the “Accessorial Rates”), any Standard Operating Procedure documents (“SOP”s) and/or Work Orders put into place between Us and Customers and / or Carriers, User Agreement (as defined hereinbelow) and our Privacy Policy. All such additional guidelines, terms or rules are incorporated by reference into this Agreement.

These terms of service (“Agreement”) set forth the legally binding terms for your use of the service. By accessing or using the service, you are accepting this Agreement, on behalf of yourself or the company, entity or organization that you represent, and you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority, and capacity to enter into this Agreement, on behalf of yourself or the company, entity or organization that you represent.

You may not access or use the service or accept this Agreement if you are not at least 18 years old. If you do not agree with all of the provisions of this Agreement, do not access or use the service.


  1. 1.1 General:

    We help to (a) connect Customers and Carriers for the shipment of freight and cargo locally and cross border by providing a technology platform whereby Customers can post details of desired transportation requests and Carriers can accept such requests (“Platform services”); and (b) allow Customers to avail actual services to transport freight and cargo from one place to another either locally or cross border (“Transportation Services”). “User” means any user of the Service, and may be a Carrier or a Customer. To the extent you are a Carrier, the provisions in this Agreement regarding Carriers apply to you. To the extent you are a Customer, the provisions in this Agreement regarding Customers apply to you. To the extent you are a User, the provisions in this Agreement regarding Users apply to you. Please carefully read the terms defined herein for more information about your responsibilities.

  2. 1.2 Platform Services:

    We act as a neutral technology platform, which enable Customers and Carriers to get connected to each other to allow Customers to find and select a Carrier to move their freight and/or cargo from one place to another.

Payments and Refunds

  1. (a) You fully understand and agree that We charge payments as fully payable in advance and renewal fees (if applicable) is automatically charged to a user’s credit card without prior notification.
  2. (b) Until this Agreement is terminated by Us, the User hereby authorizes Us to charge the User’s chosen payment method to pay for the ongoing cost of membership.
  3. (c) Multiple orders may result in multiple postings to the cardholder’s or User’s monthly statement.
  4. (d) Any User may cancel their service without hassle by sending an email at contact@wordpress-972975-3431551.cloudwaysapps.com. No cancellation charges will be applied if the email is sent before 24 hours from loading time. Cancellation charges of 250 AED/SAR is applied if the email is sent less than 24 hours of loading time.
  5. (e) You fully understand and agree that all refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment. Any fees paid before cancellation will not be refunded.
  6. (f) Unless otherwise stated, all fee schedules are in accordance with local currencies and applicable local laws and regulations.
  7. (g) You fully understand and agree that you are solely responsible for paying all fees associated with using our services as well as all applicable taxes. You are responsible for all actions taken with your username and password, including fees. We recommend that you not disclose your account password or any account sensitive information to any third parties. We are not responsible for any monetary disputes between Customers and Carriers and it is not our responsibility to resolve all monetary disputes, damage claims, breach of contract claims, and the like.
  8. (h) You fully understand and agree that in case of failed payments, we shall have no liability whatsoever under any circumstances.