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    TRUKKIN is an innovative Middle East & Pakistan techno logistics company that provides exceptional services commercial land transport with fleets of all the necessary facilities required to make a complete one-stop logistics service. Our core focus has remained to seamlessly unite its world-class cloud-based intelligent operations and services with shippers, brokers, transporters and drivers through an integrated and user-friendly interface.

    At Trukkin, honing service offerings is an ongoing process due to our constant quest for perfection, competitiveness, and transparency.

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    • What differentiate Trukkin from other Traditional logistics companies?

      Trukkin makes sure to be a one stop solution for all our registered customers by providing several types of services under a single umbrella & going beyond customer expectation.

    • What locations does Trukkin Serve?

      Trukkin is serving UAE, KSA, Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen, Oman, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain & Kuwait

    • Do you offer discounts?

      Yes, it depends on the volume of business from the customer.

    • What can I ship?

      Trukkin ships all kinds of cargo whether it is FMCG, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Construction Material etc.

    • Where will I get information regarding my shipments?

      Trukkin has various platforms where one can track their shipment like customer App, web-portal or by calling our experienced Customer support team 24/7.

    • Are there any hidden charges & additional costs?

      There are no hidden charges or additional costs.

    • Is my shipment secured & insured?

      Trukkin makes all shipments secured by its experienced operations support team who keep the track of each movement 24/7. We provide cargo insurance at the lowest premium to the customer if required.

    • Can I Track my shipment?

      Yes, you can track your shipment by using our Customer app or web-portal.

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