April 2, 2021

Ways To Make Your Supply Chain Greener Than Ever

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Accepting that you have a problem is a step towards solving that problem. And one of the most major problems the modern world faces is energy wastage and environmental degradation.

Research shows that industrial and transportation activities that coincide with supply chain management cause around 60 percent of carbon emissions. This means that having a proper structure for energy management can significantly lower these figures.  Overconsumption of energy causes strain on the environment as well as the company’s resources.

Therefore, here are a few methods to transform your supply chain activities into a greener platform.

Method 1: Play with designs

A slight difference in the design can make substantial changes to the effect that your product causes on the environment.

  • A minor change in design may result in less energy consumption.
  • Differences in designs can also help you eliminate components that cause harm to the environment.
  • It may also help you substitute components that consume more energy, thereby making your design model both greener and efficient.

Method 2: Make a shift to green suppliers

Green suppliers are the suppliers that host consignment deliveries through environmentally stable methods. Although they might cost more than regular suppliers, their impact on the environment is seamlessly compelling.

  • This shift can enable you to fall within the bars of the standard energy consumption.
  • Also, it can help reduce the daily carbon emissions projected by delivering vehicles.

Method 3: Shrink the packages as much as possible

One of the most fundamental steps towards a greener supply chain structure is fiddling with your packaging.

  • Even smaller items are packed within large boxes.
  • This is entirely unnecessary and ends up taking more room in the delivery trucks, which in turn increases the number of delivery hauls.
  • Improvements in packaging also mean eliminating packaging components that are harmful or difficult to recycle.
  • Eliminating such materials can ease the burden of recycling and also prevent environmental damage.

Method 4: Distribute shipment routes properly

Smart distribution of routes and vehicles during shipments can cause significant improvements in energy consumption levels.

  • Calculating costs of fuel and carbon emissions can help you lay out a route plan.
  • Route planning should be done to implicate fewer emissions. Therefore, the routes followed by the trucks should be straight and short.
  • Using digital tools that plan shipment routes can help you lay off extra miles and save gallons of gas.

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