August 23, 2020

Trucking Industry Is Brimming With Frauds: How to Avoid

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Nowadays, a lot of startups are gradually developing in different parts of the UAE, while many existing companies are expanding their businesses. So, with the rapid growth of industries, the demand for the logistic service provider has also increased. These companies require transportation services to send their products from one part to another.

The businesses require the service of the truck rental company that can help them in the smooth transportation of their goods to various places and even to the docks. But it is very important to choose the services cautiously.

Guide to avoid falling into the traps of fraud

Even though the logistics industry services are helpful, yet, it is brimming full of scams and frauds. You need to be careful and avoid falling into the traps of the frauds. You have to avoid these forgeries you should follow the tips listed below:

Check your booking

When you have booked the truck with the rental company, you need to check your booking. You should confirm with the company if the truck has set out with your products for the required destination.

Request a picture of the truck

You should request a picture of the track and also request the number plate of the truck so that you can track it down. You can send the pictures to the receivers who are at the place where the truck is going to deliver your products so that they are aware of the truck and do not mistake with another.

Advance money

While looking for the truck, you can give some advance money to the rental company if it is necessary and ask for a receipt. If you are unfamiliar with the carrier, it is recommended to avoid paying advance money.

Call the driver

You should have the cell phone number of the truck driver, and you should call him to know about the route that he will take. You should call him from time to time to know the current status of the truck and how much time it will take to deliver the product to the destination.

Do not issue fuel advance

It is recommended that you should not issue any fuel costs at the beginning of the journey. Every company has a limited budget for the fuel cost of the truck. So, you first need to know the exact distance the truck will travel while delivering the products. Accordingly, the fuel cost should be decided.

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