April 12, 2021

Traditional and Untraditional Logistics is Converting to Digitalization in Pakistan

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Logistics has driven the global trade GDP by high numbers, and that is only possible because of the innovative technological implementations being incorporated in the industry. As logistics in Pakistan are moving forward, companies like Trukkin are growing a lot more determined to make operations smooth and customer-centric.

Technology in the logistics industry has brought forward efficiency and productivity, ensuring its bad reputation of handling manual data is gone. The transparency and the flexibility now offered has made working for the mass a lot easier and dynamic. While changes have been witnessed for the last few years, here are the top technology trends one will see in logistics 2021.

Traditional vs Untraditional Example : Machine Learning Alongside Artificial Intelligence- The Two Powerful Tools

AI and ML have already entered the logistics market and, after creating a foundation, are bringing waves of changes for the betterment of both the supplier and the customer. The supply chain results in a massive amount of data which handling manually can be a nightmare. With AI and ML, data is now analyzed and interlinked to its root in the supply chain to make operation smooth and hassle-free.

As clear from the AI incorporation in Trukkin, human errors are now easily erased, and one could ease into the warehouse management, ensuring operation is efficient fulfilling multiple demands in the shortest time possible. AI and ML will change the way how planning process including

  • supplier
  • workforce
  • route planning
  • tracking is done.

Predictive analytics, a brilliant take on the supply chain, makes results visible by delivering today what can happen tomorrow.

Traditional vs Untraditional Example 2: IoT to Change How Inventory Is Managed and Tracked

IoT is the interlink between the physical machine and the internet, which helps transfer huge loads of data through the internet without human intervention. IoT is very important for managing inventory, everything from increased efficiency, condition monitoring, visibility of the goods, transportation, and tracking alongside fleet management.

IoT is a great help in predicting the forecast and also managing the task of maintaining goods while on transit. Real-time data, when interlinked with blockchain technology, will help by offering end-to-end visibility, helping supply and truck companies save money. With IoT, Trukkin ensures goods are given maximum protection throughout the process to avoid any cases of damage, piracy.

Traditional vs Untraditional Example 3: Computer Vision- A New Way Of Utilizing Technology For Logistics

Computer vision will help logistics in dynamic ways as it is a scientific method by which computers can recognize videos or any image. For product damage classification, computer vision is a boon. It can also be used by freight management to eliminate the need to ask for approval from multiple parties.

In warehouses, it can help in reading barcodes, managing products, tracking any employee, and warehouse monitoring. It helps with better prevention and secures the area from any breach; for example, it can perform facial identification. While most of the logistics companies like Trukkin in Pakistan have already transitioned towards computer vision, many are anticipated to move towards that path as well.

Traditional vs Untraditional Example 4: Robotics Help In Increasing Accuracy Of Logistics and Supply Chain

Robotics is known to offer accuracy and keeping up with global logistics. This helps companies like Trukkin dominate the market. Robotics is known to increase efficiency. There is a saying that with the introduction of robotics, human jobs will be in danger; it is a pure myth. Robots work collaboratively with humans to help with the supply chain and each component of logistics.

Robotics can be used to pick, place and carry goods without any human error and make the supply chain faster, meeting more demands. With the help of robotics, insights could be picked up to improve inventory, delivery, and also process improvement.

Trukkin is a reputable name in the logistics market, available at all times with a full team to deliver exceptional logistics services. They will take into account all the requirements of the client, and you can contact them to explore their services.