April 8, 2021

Role Of AI In Transforming The Transportation Sector

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The transportation sector is subjected to various changes. And the changes made in these past few years have been quite evident.

The introduction of AI to the transportation sector has eased up a lot of work. The changes may not be very transparent but have benefited the transport industry significantly.

AI and the transportation sector

After years of several technological breakthroughs, the transportation sector was equipped with an AI facility. AI and transport have combined together to create a miraculous technological tool that is extremely insightful.

The AI technology can transform the transportation sector in the following ways:

Number 1: Automated vehicles

Designing a vehicle that runs on fuel and a set of four wheels was a quantum leap for the transportation sector. However, that leap is successfully taken over by AI’s automated driving feature.

  • The automated vehicles are run by a series of complex neural networks, radars, cameras, and sensors.
  • The automated vehicles will drive themselves without seeking any movement or help from the person sitting inside.
  • Companies like BMW, Tesla, and Audi have been working and testing self-driving car technology.
  • The automated vehicle is supposed to possess neural networks, the same networks that generate in a human brain while:
    • Identifying red lights
    • Stop signs
    • Traffic jam
    • Road blocks
    • Street signals etc.

Number 2: Putting the drone technology into application

Drones are majorly used for capturing aerial views of a particular area or surrounding. However, when combined with AI, drones can form a powerful tool that can fetch traffic information, monitor construction sites, and help in containing road mishaps.

  • AI Drone technology can monitor traffic by providing a wider view of roads.
  • Drones integrated with AI can prove to be a miraculous equipment as they can help address road emergencies faster.

Number 3: Assists in lowering road crimes

One of the most challenging parts of transportation handling is safety against road crimes.

  • Therefore AI technology can be used to assist police in order to prevent on-road crimes.
  • This can be achieved by embedding AI-based alarm systems in vehicles. The alarm can go on whenever it detects violence, thereby notifying nearby police authorities.
  • Also, the cameras can click pictures that can provide solid evidence for crime and also help the police determine the crime scene faster.
  • The integrated AI technology can send messages to police whenever it detects something wrong.
  • This can help in lowering crimes and road accidents, thereby increasing road safety.

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