April 18, 2021

Precautions that drivers should take during Ramadan

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The holy month of Ramadan requires the followers to give up food and water during the day. This can be a challenging situation for the drivers, especially when Ramadan falls during the summer days. The high heat and temperature can quickly bring down the blood sugar level and result in some adverse consequences. However, this festival’s enthusiasm is such that the followers do not give up on fasting despite such challenging situations.

Studies have shown that fasting affects cognitive functioning. This also has a direct effect on the ability to drive.

A lot of accidents tend to happen during Ramadan and people become more vulnerable in order to get home quickly so they don’t be late for their Iftar.

Every Ramadan, the drivers are updated with the precautions that they should be taking, and some of them are discussed in this article. Recognize the early fatigue signs.

Drivers are requested to halt their activities as soon as they show any of such signs. Some of the early fatigue signs are given below:

  • Yawning
  • Slow response to a situation
  • Heavy eyes
  • Oversteering
  • Boredom
  • Drowsiness
  • Dehydration

Incorporate safe driving methods

Safe or defensive driving will help minimize the risk on the highways and ensure that the estimated distance is covered smoothly. Drivers should always maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and avoid overtaking unless unnecessary. It is crucial to keep the mind at peace when driving during Ramadan to conserve energy.

Get a lot of rest

Fasting during Ramadan devoid the body of any extra calories, which can cause low energy and dizziness. Therefore, it is crucial to get plenty of rest when you get to conserve some energy.  A low calorie can cause low energy, and coupled with lack of sleep, it can cause dizziness, lack of concentration, dizziness, and unsteady focus. This could be dangerous for the drivers and can cause serious accidents.

Take care of the visibility

It is crucial to have a complete look over the road to avoid unwarranted collisions and maintain complete vehicle stability. It is important that drivers keep the windshield crystal clear to see clearly and can be seen. Since fasting hampers the focus on the road, having a crystal clear windshield helps.

Additionally, other crucial accessories must also be in proper working condition. Drivers are regularly requested to run a routine check on the headlamps, tail lamps, and side indicators before hitting the road. Following all the safety precautions is essential when driving long distances.

Pull-over if you’re feeling drowsy

Never hesitate to pull over if all of a sudden you feel tired. It’s for the best to take a few minutes to rest before going on the road again.

Be aware of other people’s limitations

Even if you’re not fasting. Keep in mind that some people are. Watch out for any sudden movements by drivers/pedestrians. Bear in mind that fasting can be hard sometimes, so try to be extra patient and caring during that time.