August 16, 2020

Logistics Industry of Dubai Recovering From Covid Crisis

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It is an undeniable fact that the entire business world directly or indirectly operates on roads. And roads are controlled through logistics via distributing packages, industrial equipment, and other necessary goods to assigned destinations securing substantial contracts and paving the way for other businesses to thrive.

The realm of logistics is the edifice of the entire business world. Each sort of business, whether it is industrial or commercial, depends upon a logistic service for the to and fro movement of their products.

Logistic service companies in the UAE have successfully established an ecosystem where any other form of activity be it personal, commercial or industrial depends on the logistic services which in turn depends on these activities for cash and earnings, thereby forming a well-established symbiotic environment, where different essential industries come together to coexist and support one another.

But ever since the pandemic struck the world, the economic activities worldwide have been put to halt. And it was the logistic services that were affected the most. According to the statistics, the logistic fields have had a setback of around 15-25 percent. The logistics are trying hard to emerge and grow amid such harsh conditions, and the only way out seems to be smart strategies and tactical approaches. So here’s how to recover from a significant setback:

Expand Your Market Reach beyond Local Industry

A majority of logistics have confined their services to the local markets, portraying themselves as mere shipment handlers of international brands. Still, amidst such circumstances where the sources of revenue have been constrained, the only logical way out seems to be market expansion.

Enhance Your Business Contacts with Cross-Border Agencies

The package supplying procedures of cross border services are cumbersome and highly delayed. Thus, many people encounter package delays, which might turn off their fascinations with the products. Hence these cross border services require a knight in shining armor to step up and save their transit time, and that’s where your local logistics could fill in. The domestic logistics gave thorough knowledge of roads, which makes their navigation easier and smoother.

Invest In Technology

The future of the logistics department is based on technology. The logistic companies often confuse it as a risky expense. Still, they overlook that logistic technology serves as a major resource factor in the logistics realm because technology tends to make their work easier and smoother.

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