September 14, 2020

How To Manage Skewed Gender Ratio In Logistics

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It is an accepted fact that even after the circulation of various waves of feminist movements, the world has not been able to equalize gender. The process is long, and it may take years, but what we can do is lay the road and start walking over it today. The Logistics companies in the UAE have quite a skewed ratio when it comes to gender, where the skew is towards females. It may be due to the orthodox perception of the people of Dubai. Specific roles have been defined, which lay down the principles of what is a man’s job and what is a woman’s. This leads to a gender gap in education, employment, and every other field. Here are some steps in which logistics companies can initiate to fill these gaps:

Educating employees on gender equality at the workplace

When a company hires its employees, their skills and qualifications are seen and not their opinions or mentality. Logistics companies can arrange workshops on gender equality and sensitization so that one gender can understand the problems of another and vice versa. This will help to create a comfortable equal working environment for all the employees of the company. It will also contribute to stop casual, casually sexist remarks that women have to face during work.

Providing more opportunities to female employees

Equality is not about drawing a line and keeping all genders at that line; it is about bringing people to that line who can’t reach there due to social struggles. Women have been fighting for their rights to vote, to work, to get a license to drive ever since. If the logistics companies accept women drivers and give them responsible duties and take to accomplish, then they will be able to prove their worth in the man’s world without any stigma or stereotype attached to it.

Setting up a reporting authority for sexual harassment at the workplace

The laws may or may not provide an internal committee for complaints. Still, if your company forms one, then the female employees will be able to trust the environment better—moreover, the organization who can win trust if their employees are more efficient and successful.

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