May 25, 2020

How the Construction Industry of Dubai Relies on Truckers

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The trucking industry is not something that we hear of every day. However, as unheard and silent it may be, its impact is nowhere close to that. This industry is considered to be an industry valued roughly at around multi-trillion dollars. And it has a massive impact on other major industries. The impact is that big that if the truckers were to stop working for a day, it could drive a huge blow in the economy. Thus, keeping that in mind, industries such as agriculture, pharmacy, manufacturers, and construction heavily rely on truckers. Therefore, in the article, we will consider how the construction industry relies on logistics service in the UAE.

Transporting construction parts

The main job that logistics consists of is transporting materials from where they are manufactured to where they are needed. The role of truckers in the construction field is just about the same. One of the big jobs to be done is to transport and deliver the construction part. As you may know, not all components of a building are made on the spot or the construction sites. There are significant parts of the building that need to be rendered separately in factories or by the manufacturers and then moved to the construction site for installation. Logistics takes the initiative of making sure the construction parts reach the location on time and without any damage.

Transporting machinery

Construction works require substantial human resources as well as machine power. Logistics does its part here as well and takes responsibility for getting these large pieces of equipment on the field for utilization. We can say that various pieces of equipment, which otherwise could not be transported, are delivered from the suppliers to the site and even delivered back.

Transporting raw materials

Raw materials are the building blocks of constructions, quite literally, and are needed in a large number. Logistics has the vital job of transporting these raw materials to the worksite from their respective suppliers and manufacturers. Materials such as lumber, concrete, sand, bricks, metals, and so on are a few such examples.

Keep in mind that aside from all these, the key reason why truckers are so important is that they need to deliver all these at the right time, in the right place, and in an absolutely undamaged form. Thus, their job is not just delivery but delivering quality. Going strictly by this moral, Trukkin is such a company that can be easily trusted for their outstanding services and a promise to provide quality.