March 12, 2021

How Short Haul Trucking Can Bring Unimaginable Benefits

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The logistics industry contains various shipment options that one can choose based on their preference or need. One of the major factors which decide the shipment types is the distance required to cover a particular shipment. Within this faction is the short-haul trucking option. It is the shipments that are required to be transported within a radius of 150 miles. Contrasting to long-haul or ‘over the road’ trucking, which requires covering long distances, short-haul trucking is more convenient for truckers who do not want to stay away from home for too long. Other than that, short-haul trucking also comes with some fascinating benefits.

More consignments

While long-haul trucking can be a long process and thus a long investment, short-haul trucking can cover many smaller job requests within a particular period. It implies that with short-haul trucking, your business can get quick cash in a short period. It is a short-term investment with good returns. It allows you to take on more shipment requests than take a few long-haul trucking. Also, as the radius of short-haul trucking is lesser than long-haul trucking, you get to operate locally, gaining more loyal clients for local businesses.

Less expense

For long-haul trucking, the costs required are comparatively higher than short-haul trucking. Be it from the fuel perspective, road tolls, shipment formalities, or the drivers’ pay scale, the investment is relatively lower. With short-haul trucking, a company can take on more consignments without investing a lot in one go. Also, because the shipments are within a small radius, the company does not require too much technological investment to track the vehicles or shipments, unlike long-haul trucking.

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Long-haul trucking usually caters to shipments that require to cover a more significant distance. This means that truckers and drivers need to stay away from their homes for more extended periods. This can create fatigue and discontentment within them, causing a conflict in their mental health.

However, with short-haul trucking, the drivers do not need to stay away from home too long. This allows them to be happier and more content with their job, uplifting their morale. Also, as short-haul trucking is seasonal many times, the drivers can take a break from long chains and rest up. This keeps them in a healthy state of mind and more loyal to the company.

Therefore, short-haul trucking can be unbelievably beneficial if a company were to utilize these services well. A good solution would be to have well-balanced long-haul and short-haul trucking consignments to get the maximum benefits out of them.