May 8, 2020

Critical Challenges Faced by Logistics Service Providers in the UAE

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critical portion of a successful business belongs to logistics management. Individual companies do not have a team of logistics management of their own. However, it is not even necessary to have one since there are multiple logistics servicing providing organizations that excel at their job. Logistics might appear to be one of the most available jobs in the procedure of delivery of a product, but that is not always true. This article will list down some challenges that the logistics service providers in Dubai usually face.

Managing a reliable and competent workforce

What makes a company is its person? Therefore, the employees represent their company whenever they marvel at their work or even if they make a mess. In the trucking industry, the driver needs to keep his calm at all times since he might have to face difficult situations daily. Driving a truck is not at all the same as being a chauffeur or anything else. This is one of the foremost challenges that the logistics industry faces in Dubai faces.

Consistency in the rate of fuel

Now, no company has a say in the consistency in the rate of fuel. This is something the government decides, and that stands a chance of changing at any time. This is why it is advisable to not rely on the fuel in case of profits. If the fuel price shoots high, the providers can run in the loss, and this can come unannounced. However, if the fuel price lowers, which is a sporadic phenomenon albeit considerable, the company can incur some gains as well. However, it is an issue that every company has to accept as it comes.

The issue of environmental damage

It is a known fact that global warming is slowly eating up the condition of our environment. Sadly, one of the most significant contributors to the cause is also an integral part of the logistics industry- fuel. It is not restricted to only fuel as carbon monoxide which is produced from the vehicles as we drive, is even more fatal to our mother nature. Therefore, it is imperative that every organization tries to conduct their business while doing their best to preserve the environment.

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