September 23, 2020

5 Major Trends In Logistics Operations In Dubai

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The logistics industry is a fast-growing industry in Dubai. Thanks to the ever-developing technologies, heavy truck transport companies in Dubai are always updating themselves and staying on top of their game.

Following some significant trends, we will quickly spot the five top ones that are presently prevailing in the logistics industry of Dubai. Let us take a look!

Robots and AI assistance

The involvement of robotics and AI is no more a thing of fictional stories. It is very much being implied in the current day industries, and the logistics industry is not far behind. For years at length, warehouses were known to use automated packing and picking machines.

However, with more development, there are bigger changes in store. The robots and AI assistance are being developed not just to pick and pack, but also calculate costs and figure out the best possible routes for the fastest deliveries and pickups.

Smart contracts

Forget about standard contracts, and instead, it is time to move on to smart contracts. Smart contracts consist of the basics of regular contracts with specified and agreed terms and conditions, price, delivery dates, and so on.

However, with smart contracts, the issue of any dispute is eliminated, as it simply marks the conditions met and moves onto the next step automatically. This system eliminates the chances of fraud, issues with qualities, delivery issues, late payments, and other issues between the clients and the company.

Automatic vehicles

Thanks to the advancement of science, here is another trend that is making its round within the industry. The topic of automated vehicles has come around now and then. But now, with some companies making trial runs with it, it will soon seem to hit the market and be a thing of regularity.

Smart route planners

Another rage in the logistics industry is the truckload planning software or smart route planner. If you have not yet installed one with your company, the chances are that you are already falling behind.

This system not just allows you to make the deliveries as fast as possible but also helps you cut costs by large margins. Another result of development, this system is clearly needed by the industry to optimize further.

Better visibility and management of supply chains

One of the trends is to manage the supply chains and bring forward a system that gives a clear and simple idea of it. Once you have better visibility of the supply chain, it becomes easier to orchestrate and manage it for better efficiency.

This also allows flexibility and proper storage facilities, which in turn saves on money and transportations.

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